End Fox Hunting In The UK

There is no place for fox hunting, or other barbarous bloodsports in our countryside. We are a group set up to educate and inform people of the brutal realities and scale of illegal hunting in the UK. On our website you’ll find information on how hunts flout the law, the exemptions they take advantage of, the Hunt Saboteurs Association and what you can do to prevent illegal hunting in your area.

The Law

Hunting mammals with dogs was banned in 2004/5 but is still practiced illegally to this day. With hunts exploiting loopholes & disregarding the ban.

Hunt Sabs

Hunt Saboteurs / Hunt Monitors are the often masked heroes of the fox; they can be the only thing standing in the way of the fox and the hounds.

The Fox

A creature of resourceful intelligence and wonder, find out more about what makes the fox one of Britain’s most admired and iconic mammals.

Celebrity Quotes 

The vast majority of people in the UK are against a return of any form of fox hunting. Celebrities have always had a large public impact in this sensitive debate, with many recently vocalising their support for ‘real ban’ in Scotland, as Scottish hunting laws are currently weaker than those in England.

We’ve compiled quotes from famous faces both for and against fox hunting, you can browse a selection in the gallery below or view them all by clicking the read more button.

How Can I Prevent Illegal Hunting? 

So often we are asked this, people feel powerless because they cannot be out there physically preventing hunting from happening. But, as they say, the pen is mightier than the sword; here are a few things you can do to make a difference.

Contact Your MP

Your MP’s duty is represent his or her constituents in parliament, ask for your MPs commitment to voting against any repeal of the 2004 Hunting Act and to push for a strengthening of it. You can find contact details for your MP by entering your postcode below or visiting They Work For You directly.


Join The Conversation

Never underestimate the power of your voice online. Throughout the last general election, fox hunting was a bigger issue in terms of shares than Brexit and the Conservative’s commitment to a free vote probably cost them some seats. Be sure to follow our page and pages like ours on social media and show your support.

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Report Wildlife Crime

Generally operating away from residential areas, the volume of people is naturally lower and police response is slower, giving hunts an advantage. If you witness what you think to be illegal hunting, call it in on 101 we also recommend reporting the crime to League Against Cruel Sports and your local hunt sab group. Some common signs of illegal hunting include:

  • Huntsman failing to call hounds off when fox spotted.
  • Foxes being held captive.
  • Hounds and hunts running across main roads or through housing estates.
  • Artificial earths constructed to attract foxes into the area.
  • Blocked badger setts.
  • Several terriermen accompanying the hunt.
  • Terriermen becoming aggressive when approached.

Join Your Local Hunt Sab Group 

Hunt Saboteurs up and down the country take direct, non-violent action in stopping hunts killing wildlife. Sabs are often subject to intimidation, confrontation and abuse both verbal and physical.

As well as joining them out in the field, there are plenty of ways you can help your local group, such as supporting their online activity or donating to fund vital resources like petrol, vehicle repairs, drones and video camera equipment.

Read Our Latest Fox Hunting Blog Posts

We keep our blog filled with the latest news and events surrounding illegal hunting in the UK. Throughout 2017, we focussed on the general election and the views of candidates from all parties, with quick coverage on the latest developments of what was such an important issue in the last election.

In addition to political coverage, we also cover flaws in the Hunting Act, how hunts so often get away with illegally hunting unpunished despite clear evidence, the Hunt Saboteurs Association and how ‘class warfare’ often finds itself side by side with hunting. With Brexit still taking up most of the headlines, it’s easy for issues like fox hunting to get swept under the rug, so be sure to check our blog regularly for updates – you can view our most recent posts below.

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Grand National Winning Jockey Investigated by Police over Illegal Fox Hunting

Just under a month ago, Grand National Winning jockey Ryan Mania made the headlines when his hysterical outburst at hunt saboteurs and activists was caught on camera. During his rant, he screamed obscenities at campaigners, calling them ‘a bunch of f***ing retards’;...

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