The Hunting Act – More Than Just Foxes

Whilst there is no doubt that it needs work and improvements, the hunting act has been successful in saving over 100,000 animals from hunting since it came into force in 2005, in addition to 430 successful persecutions. All too… Read More

Just 1 In 10 People Support A Return To Fox Hunting

In light of Theresa May’s support for fox hunting, followed by the inclusion of a vote on a repeal of the hunting act included in the Conservative manifesto – a recent study by the Independent found that just… Read More

Jeremy Corbyn’s Impeccable Record On Animal Welfare

We like to stay politically unbiased on this page, however, in light of the Conservative party’s commitment to a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act, alongside its scrapping of its pledge to an ivory trade… Read More

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