Around The World In 80 Foxes

Ok, so it’s just 8 – but we know how much you guys and gals love foxes & we wanted to take a break from how disheartening politics is at the moment. So, we thought we’d share with… Read More

The London Anti Hunt March 2017 In Pictures

The sun was shining (for the most part) today for the anti hunt march in London which was triggered by Theresa May’s support revealed support for fox hunting, and the Conservative manifesto including a free vote on a… Read More

Just 1 In 10 People Support A Return To Fox Hunting

In light of Theresa May’s support for fox hunting, followed by the inclusion of a vote on a repeal of the hunting act included in the Conservative manifesto – a recent study by the Independent found that just… Read More

Jeremy Corbyn’s Impeccable Record On Animal Welfare

We like to stay politically unbiased on this page, however, in light of the Conservative party’s commitment to a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act, alongside its scrapping of its pledge to an ivory trade… Read More

Is Fox Hunting Really Pest Control?

‘But they are vermin, their numbers need to be controlled – it’s pest control‘. The argument everyone who’s ever debated fox hunting with somebody who is pro-hunt is sick of hearing. Whilst there are many arguments hunt groups like… Read More

Why Do People Fox Hunt?

Pest control, the adrenaline, the chase, a cracking day out, just a few of the reasons hunt protesters hear as justification for fox hunting. Fox hunting has been embedded into countryside culture since its emergency in the late… Read More

What To do If You Find An Injured Fox

Foxes have become an integrated part of most urban environments, and whilst they generally remain scarce, this unfortunately means that there are a lot more scenarios in which foxes end up being injured. Here’s what to do if… Read More

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