Here Are The Venues That Hosted Hunts This Boxing Day

Baubles, beers and.. bloodshed? Boxing Day is hunting’s annual PR day, with hundreds of members of the public lining the streets to cheer on the hunts, many unaware of the brutal reality that is legal ‘trail hunting’ in… Read More

Why Is The Hunting Act So Flawed?

So the election is over, The Conservatives have officially shelved the fox hunting issue until further notice, and those that were rubbing their hands at the thought of hunting with dogs again are now back to trail hunting…. Read More

Fox Hunting In The 2017 Election – Theresa’s Timeline Of Turmoil

Animal lovers and anti-hunt campaigners rejoiced as the Conservative manifesto pledge to hold a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act (as well as a few other unpopular pledges) was not included in the Queen’s speech yesterday. Since… Read More

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