Why Is The Hunting Act So Flawed?

So the election is over, The Conservatives have officially shelved the fox hunting issue until further notice, and those that were rubbing their hands at the thought of hunting with dogs again are now back to trail hunting…. Read More

Fox Hunting In The 2017 Election – Theresa’s Timeline Of Turmoil

Animal lovers and anti-hunt campaigners rejoiced as the Conservative manifesto pledge to hold a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act (as well as a few other unpopular pledges) was not included in the Queen’s speech yesterday. Since… Read More

Theresa May Out Foxed – ‘No Chance’ Of A Return To Hunting

We recently speculated that the plans for a repeal would either be ditched completely, or put to bed for the time being, and now an ex Tory chairman Grant Shapps has stated plans for a return ‘stand absolutely… Read More

What The General Election 2017 Results Mean For Fox Hunting

The results are finally in and it would appear we are heading for a Conservative government with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party – certainly not what Theresa was hoping for when she called the snap election…. Read More

Jeremy Corbyn’s Impeccable Record On Animal Welfare

We like to stay politically unbiased on this page, however, in light of the Conservative party’s commitment to a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act, alongside its scrapping of its pledge to an ivory trade… Read More

Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Confirms Support For Bloodsports

After being quiet on the issue – in an email to End Fox Hunting, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, current MP for the Cotswolds and hoping to retain his 25-year seat again this year has cited that although he thinks ‘it… Read More

If ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ Why Doesn’t No Hunting Mean No Hunting?

“If Brexit means Brexit, then the hunting ban should mean a hunting ban“. So said legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes at a Conservative Party conference event hosted by the League Against Cruel Sports. ‘Brexit’, regardless of what you voted… Read More

A Repeal On The Hunting Act Is Included In The Conservative Manifesto

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, but there were many of us hoping that Theresa May would pull a U-Turn on her embarrassing pledge to hold a free vote for a repeal on the hunting… Read More

Would Theresa May Really Bring Back Fox Hunting?

Theresa May has made the headlines again for all the wrong reasons, displaying her views on fox hunting and showing her support for the blood sport once again. Many voters feel that with 84% of the public in favour… Read More

What Will Gloucestershire Labour MP’s and Candidates Vote On A Fox Hunting Repeal?

Fox hunting has become a big issue overnight in the run up to the next general election on June 8th – with Theresa May coming out with support for a repeal on the ban, and Jeremy Corbyn firmly… Read More

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