Celebrity Quotes

As with any issue that creates controversy, celebrities like to put forward their views, below you can find quotes from famous faces both pro and against fox hunting and hunting in general..

Anti – Hunt Celebrities

Sir Roger Moore

Brilliant actor and long time animal lover, the late Sir Roger Moore was against hunting, calling it a ‘sickness’.

“Sport hunting is a sickness, a perversion and a danger and should be recognised as such. People who get their ‘amusement’ from hunting and killing defenceless animals can only be suffering from a mental disorder.”

“In a world with boundless opportunities for amusement, it’s detestable that anyone would choose to get thrills from killing others who ask for nothing from life but the chance to remain alive.”

Sir Roger Moore celebrity hunting quote


Singer in the iconic band ‘The Smiths’ and whilst having some controversial views – Morrissey has long since been an advocate for the hunting ban, and attacked David Cameron when he announced his support for it.

“David wanted to repeal the Hunting Act, which would mean the brutal killing of foxes, hares, deer, badgers, otters – just about anything that moves. I beg you to notice the unbearable dimension of sorrow that David Cameron is attempting to inflict upon British wildlife.”

Morrissey fox hunting quote

Noel Gallagher

An extract from a joint letter from Noel and his wife to Tony Blair when he pledged to make fox hunting illegal in 1999.

“We want to thank you for pledging to ban this cruel and unnecessary sport”

“At the dawn of the new millennium outdated and barbaric activities such as hunting should be consigned to the history books and we urge you to support the Wild Animals (Hunting with Dogs) Bill.” 

Noel Gallagher fox hunting quote


Sir Paul McCartney

Legendary member of the Beatles, Sir Paul made his view on a return to fox hunting known when the 2015 Tory government vowed to hold a free vote on a repeal.

 “The people of Britain are behind this Tory government on many things but the vast majority of us will be against them if hunting is reintroduced.”

“It is cruel and unnecessary and will lose them support from ordinary people and animal lovers like myself.”

Paul McCartney fox hunting vote

Ricky Gervais

The comedian has long since been anti-hunting, and recently won the Lord Houghton award for his work for animals – he doesn’t hold back when it comes to voicing his opinions on fox hunting.

“Most people I’ve met who weren’t kind to animal weren’t kind to people either. Kindness is kindness. Simple as that.”

Ricky Gervais hunting quote

Jack Whitehall

The popular TV actor, presenter and comedian made his views about fox hunting clear when David Cameron showed his support for a repeal.

“Fox hunting should only be considered ‘sport’ if they do it both ways round. I.e. A pack of foxes get to chase a posh guy with a trumpet.”

jack whitehall funny fox hunting quote

Bill Bailey

Comedian, musician and actor Bill Bailey is another recognised animal campaigner, he is a supporter of International Animal Rescue and has been an important figure in their campaign to liberate dancing bears.

Bill went on record stating he’d been known to sabotage a hunt and gave his views on hunting in his usual comedic fashion.

“I’m not keen on bloodsports. I have been known to sabotage a hunt”

“Fox hunting is natural. Even foxes hunt. Yeah but they’re not mounted on the back of pigs are they? Chasing a terrified door mouse with a slavering pack of shrews.”

Bill bailey celebrity hunting quote

Seth MacFarlane 

Actor and filmmaker best known for the long running animated comedy series ‘Family Guy’ Seth MacFarlane. After the killing of Cecil the lion – Seth had some stern words indicating a link between mental health problems and the enjoyment of killing animals.

Dr. Brian May

Legendary guitarist and songwriter in one of the world’s most successful bands, Dr. Brian May is now a well recognised animal welfare campaigner and founder of the save me trust which focuses on issues regarding animal abuse from fox hunting to animal abuse in circuses.

Brian is strongly opposed to  fox hunting and his image is used as the figurehead for many anti hunt groups. Below you can watch a heated debate between him and Jim Barrington, a welfare consultant for the Countryside Alliance.

Chris Packham

Spring watch presenter and nature photographer Chris Packham has come under extreme scrutiny from the hunt lobby – with calls to sack him over his anti hunt views:

“I don’t understand it, I suppose. That’s the bottom line. To me, it has to have a psychopathic element, if you’re taking pleasure from killing things, just for that pleasure.”

If you’re going to eat it or if you’re culling an animal that is otherwise damaging the environment because it’s too abundant, I have no problem with killing animals. But if you have no reason but pleasure, then that surely is psychopathic.” 

Oscar Wilde 

Not a celebrity as such, but probably the oldest and most recognised quote regarding fox hunting:

“Foxhunting.. the unspeakable pursuing the inedible.”

Mark Owen

The the ‘Take That’ superstar has long since been against hunting and badger culling, with a quote from him dating back to 1997 still being shared on social media today.

“The whole concept of hunting is a very alien one to me and I cannot comprehend how any person can derive enjoyment or pleasure from the suffering of another creature.”

mark owen from take that anti hunting quote

Picture courtesy of stop.the.cull Facebook page

Sir Patrick Moore

Whilst having some controversial views politically, astronomer and TV presenter Sir Patrick Moore was a vocal opponent of fox hunting.

“There are two main aspects. First there is the cruelty to the animal, which is frankly barbarous, but we must also consider the effects upon people who hunt, particularly youngsters. Look at it this way. A boy (or girl) is taken to a hunt. He pits on fancy dress and gets on a horse. He an the rest of the then gallop along, whooping like dervishes, until the dogs pick up the scent of a fox.”

“The fox is then chased until its lungs are bursting and is eventually caught. You watch, cheering as it is torn to pieces. The huntsman then picks up the bleeding stump and wipes your face with it, a ritual known as ‘blooding’. That ends the fun, for the moment. Well – is that the right way to turn out a decent civilised adult?”

Pro Hunt Celebrities

Georgia “Toff” Toffolo

I’m A Celebrity 2017 winner Georgia Toffolo, better known as ‘Toff’ made remarks about fox hunting during an election blind date with food blogger Jack Monroe. Throughout the conversation, she referred to fox hunting as ‘great old British tradition’, claiming that foxes are out of control and need to be culled.

“These foxes need to be culled anyway. They’re out of control in the countryside. It’s a great old British tradition.”

Jeremy Clarkson 

Jeremy Clarkson is known to rustle feathers with his sometimes unpopular opinions, here is an extract from ‘The world according to Clarkson’.

“Lets be perfectly clear shall we. The fox is not a little puppy dog with doe eyes and a waggy tail. It’s a disease ridden wolf with the morals of a psychopath and the teeth of a great white shark”

Jeremy Clarkson shows support for fox hunting

Jennifer Saunders 

Comedian, actress, screenwriter and most famously co-star of ‘absolutely fabulous’ Jennifer Saunders first created controversy in 2007 after being snapped riding with the Mid-Devon Hunt, just eight days after police launched an anti-cruelty probe into the group.

When asked for comments, she responded with a comment that displayed her disregard for the law.

“I hunted as a child and started again recently. I don’t break the law – we simply follow a scent. It’s up to the police to enforce the law and I don’t have a view on whether they do or don’t.”

Roger Waters

Co-founder of the legendary Pink Floyd, fans might be surprised to hear that waters cited the hunting ban as one of his reasons for leaving England.

“The anti-hunting bill was enough for me to leave England. I did what I could, I did a concert and one or two articles, but it made me feel ashamed to be English.”

David Cameron

The last PM sought to hold a free vote on the repeal on the hunting ban, unfortunately (for him) a lack of public support, a U-turn by the SNP on their abstinence, a lack of public support and his eventual early resignation led to this never happening.

“I have always been a strong supporter of country sports. It is my firm belief that people should have the freedom to hunt, so I share the frustration that many people feel about the Hunting Act and the way it was brought in by the last government”

David Cameron supports fox hunting

Katie Hopkins

Known for her unpopular views, Hopkins angered many with the following tweet posted during the Boxing Day hunts of 2014:

Vinnie Jones 

Ex football player Vinnie Jones got himself in hot water recently for posting a photo of around 100 dead foxes on Twitter after a nights lamping, following the incident, this quote began circling social media.

“I love pigeon shooting – building the hide, putting the decoys out. It’s the same with rook and crow shooting. Lamping is probably my favourite. I’ve spent a lot of money on customising my Land Rover for lamping. If the farmer has a fox problem I love going out and dealing with it for him.”

Vinnie jones supporter of fox hunting

Anne Robinson

The ex weakest link host has close ties with hunting groups and faced backlash from animal activist groups when she acted as ‘quizmaster’ for a quiz night raising money for hunting groups.

“The antis would be a lot more honest if they simply poured paint over Volvos and BMWs,”