Geoffrey Clifton-Brown shows support for fox huntingAfter being quiet on the issue – in an email to End Fox Hunting, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, current MP for the Cotswolds and hoping to retain his 25-year seat again this year has cited that although he thinks ‘it was not necessary to reopen the issue’ on the hunting ban, but he will ‘vote in favour of it in order to support the many hunts in the Cotswolds’.

Find out more about Geoffrey’s stance and historical voting record on hunting, as well as the views of the other candidates in the Cotswolds.

The Response In Full

Before we make our own commentary on the response we received from Geoffrey, you can read it in full below:

“Thank you for contacting me regarding my position on fox hunting”

“I have hunted all my life and represent a constituency with one of the highest number of hunts in the country. However, I believe that it is not the right decision to offer MPs a free vote on repealing the ban on fox hunting”

“I personally do not think it was necessary to reopen the issue as the current system works very well, however, I will vote in favour of it in order to support the many hunts in the Cotswolds.”

Geoffrey’s History Of Hunting  

As you can see from Geoffrey’s response he mentions that he has ‘hunted all his life’ – this probably stemmed from the fact he attended the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester which is home to the RAC beagles pack – which hunted hares with beagles before it was banned in 2005 – but still continue to hunt a trail legally following the ban.

Geoffrey also has a long history of voting against the hunting ban coming into place, with the most important of these being his vote AGAINST the hunting act coming into force on 15th September 2004.

It’s also worth noting that despite Geoffrey saying he ‘represents a constituency with one of the highest number of hunts in the country’ as one of his reasons for voting FOR a repeal, he does also represents a constituency that was predominately ‘remain’ but he himself was a ‘leave’ campaigner.

See our post about public opinion on hunting being misrepresented by MPs when compared to Brexit.

Cotswold Candidates View On Hunting

To find out the views of the current MPs and candidates for both the Labour and Conservative party – please check out the following blogs:

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How Can I Find Out My MPs Views On Hunting 

Some MPs are notoriously hard to get hold of, whilst others will readily answer any questions you have for them – they tend to be more cautious about answering questions on sensitive issues such as hunting if they are in a heavily contested seat and have a view which may lose them support, here are a few ways you can find out your MP or candidates views on repealing the hunting act:

  • Use write to them – a website set up to a contact an MP on your behalf
  • Use Votes For Vinny – who will email your MP and candidates on your behalf about their voting intentions on a repeal of hunting. This is a campaign set up by the League Against Cruel Sports.
  • Create a buzz on social media – encourage your friends to email your MP and candidates to, the more emails they receive, the more likely they are to reply.
  • Call your local parties offices, you can find these numbers online or they are usually included on leaflets that get put through doors by representatives of the party.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog post, if you want to get involved with us or need help contacting your MP get in touch with us on Facebook – or fill out a contact form below.