Baubles, beers and.. bloodshed? Boxing Day is hunting’s annual PR day, with hundreds of members of the public lining the streets to cheer on the hunts, many unaware of the brutal reality that is legal ‘trail hunting’ in the UK.

So far, there have been 4 confirmed fox deaths, two confirmed deaths of horses (1 due to a heart attack) and 1 confirmed death of a foxhound that was hit by a car. You can read more about the bloodshed this year here.

fox deaths on boxing day

Despite this, many venues such as pubs and restaurants open their arms to the hunt on Boxing Day year after year as well as throughout the year – disregarding the laws these hunts break all year round for the chance to cash in on the Boxing Day hype.

Here are the names and contact details of some of the pubs, restaurants and venues that hosted and openly supported hunts this year to voice your feedback to; with enough, business owners may reconsider their decision to host illegal hunts next year.

Please note that only venues we are 100% sure hosted a hunt are listed here.

The Three Greyhounds Inn – Hosted Cheshire Hunt

The Three Greyhounds Inn (who list themselves as a ‘dog friendly’ pub) hosted the Cheshire Hunt this year with several negative reviews coming in on Google already.

The managers have noted that they do not relate their “wonderful pub” to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor – so you may have more luck emailing your feedback directly:

Longlands Hotel – Hosted Vale Of Lune Hunt

Longlands is a five star hotel in Carnforth, a small parish near Lancaster. Longlands have hosted the hunt before and this year invited guests to ‘come and cheer them on’ as they departed for the Boxing Day hunt.

The Queen’s Head, Glanton – Hosted West Percy Hunt

The Queen’s Head has hosted the West Percy hunt numerous times throughout the year including their opening meet on the 4th November 2017.

Crown Hotel – Hosted Portman Hunt

Every Boxing Day, the Crown Hotel in Blandford Forum hosts the Portman hunt, this was recently posted by the Facebook group Stop The Cull.

crown hotel hosted portman hunt 2017

Golden Lion Hotel – Hosted Hurworth Hunt 

The Golden Lion Hotel regularly host the Hurworth Hunt including their end of season hunt ball in 2016. There has been a questions posted regarding their role in hosting the Hurworth Hunt on their Google listing and Facebook page with no reply from management yet.


The King William Inn at Scaftworth – Hosted Grove and Rufford Hunt 

Following Bawtry Town Council’s decision to ban the Grove and Rufford Hunt from meeting in their usual spot; a council owned car park, after three of it’s members were convicted of illegal hunting last year.

The King William showed their full support of the hunt in a Facebook post that has since been deleted, there have already been several negative reviews on Google following their decision to host the banned hunt.

The Red Lion – Hosted Avon Vale Hunt 

We were going to leave the Red Lion off this list at first, given that the hunt meet outside and there was no reference of the pub itself commenting on this. However, a bit of digging found a website update posted in 2014, showing the Red Lion cashing in on the hunt:

“Famous Avon Vale Hunt. Enjoy a fun packed day out watching the Avon Vale Hunt meet with hog roast and mulled wine.”

The George Hotel Newent 

The Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt meet at outside the George Hotel in Newent. The George claim they don’t ‘host’ them, but do say everybody is welcome (even protesters) If you live in the area, make your thoughts known to management. More information can be found here. 

Video from Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs.

There were obviously a lot more venues that hosted fox hunts this Boxing Day, but we are not out to ruin anyone’s reputation; thus we did not include venues in which the hunt met outside or set off from their premises and only included those we were absolutely certain hosted a hunt.