fox in my gardenWhilst our following is full of foxy lovers, we understand that not everybody is so keen to have them on their property. They make a fair bit of noise, may dig holes and foul in your garden, as well as cause problems around chickens and smaller pets such as outdoor rabbits and guinea pigs.

However, shooting them is by no means the most effective or humane ways of dealing with a fox. In this post, we’ll cover a few ways you can humanely deter foxes from coming into your garden.

“I know and understand that, whilst for me, these wonderful animals are a consistent source of joy, for others they can be a ‘nuisance’.” – Chris Packham 

Why Are Foxes Coming Into My Garden 

This is the first question you need to ask yourself, and will make the task of preventing any more visits much easier. A few common reasons a fox may be coming into your garden that are easy to fix include:

  • You or a neighbour leaves food out for other animals (bread for birds etc), if you do want to continue feeding the birds – try a hanging feeder.
  • Your bins are easily accessible and have waste food in them.
  • You have fruit trees (try to pick up any fallen fruit straight away).
  • Your garden is overgrown (provides excellent shelter).
  • You leave your pets toys on the lawn overnight.

Locate Your Foxes Entry Point 

When a fox does regularly come into your garden, its likely it comes through the same entrance point every time. Foxes are cautionary creatures by nature, so if they notice something different about their usual entry point, or sense any danger – they will not enter.

For this reason, adding a repellent here or simply barricading the entry point will stop a fox entering through that particular entrance:

Fox Scent Repellent 

Much like dogs like to urinate on trees or lampposts that they walk post, foxes also ‘mark their territory’ in a similar way. If a fox comes and smells another scent, they are less likely to hang around.

Because of this behaviour, a repellent is a quick and cost effective way of preventing foxes coming into your garden.  These deterrents are harmless chemicals that replicate the scent of another animal, here are a few of the best fox scent deterrents available to purchase:

urban Fox repellent Scoot Fox Repellent 

This repellent is an ammonia based powder that comes recommended by the fox repellent expert. To a fox, Scoot will mask their own scent markings – giving them the impression that another fox is taking over its territory.

It has mixed reviews on Amazon, with many claiming it doesn’t have any effect on London foxes. The Fox Man, at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre states:

“If used properly this will work – it works by making the fox think a larger, more dominant fox has taken over its territory – i.e. your garden.  I’d suggest more than one spray is necessary, especially if the fox keeps coming back.” 

cat dog and fox repellent

Get Off Cat & Dog Repellent 

Despite being labelled as cat and dog repellent, it works well for foxes too. (kind of looks like lamb sauce in a ketchup bottle though right??).

It contains citronella, which is the same substance found in the spray hunt sabs carry round with them to mask the foxes’ scent from the hounds. It’s currently listed on Pets at Home for £6 a bottle.

Fox Noise Repellent 

Foxes have very sensitive hearing, so a noise repellent will keep them off your property. Whilst inaudible to most humans – these things are really loud to foxes and will certainly give them a fright without harming them at all. Here are a couple of the most popular noise deterrents:

Fox deterrent from pestbye

Pestbye® Fox Deterrent 

Pestbye Fox Deterrent uses infrared (harmless) motion sensors to switch the device on once it recognises a fox in the catchment area. It then emits a loud noise which cannot be heard by humans, it also wont effect birds.

Price listed is £23.99 on where it has a 3.9/5 star rating. You can return the product for a full refund within 45 days if it doesn’t work for your fox.

Ultimate deterrent fox watch

FoxWatch Ultimate Deterrent 

Similar to the previous noise deterrent, this product uses infrared technology to detect body heat then let out a high pitched noise.

The Fox Deterrent Expert has an excellent video explaining the uses and set up procedure for this product which you can see below.

fox water repellent Defenders Outdoor Jet 

This product is a bit different to the ones mentioned so far, but many have found it very effective. It works with a motion detector, which then sprays a fine jet of water when triggered – giving the fox a frighten without harming it.

This product is currently listed on Maplin for £23.99.

In addition to the products listed above (and there are many more) some have found success in purchasing a garden ornament of a prowling fox!

Why Isn’t Shooting Foxes Effective?

Shooting a fox in your garden will not solve your problem. Foxes regulate their populations well, meaning that once you pay to have the fox destroyed, another one will likely take its place – leaving your with the same problem and a large pest control bill.

When you put deterrents like the ones above in place, you can keep out your problem fox and any subsequent foxes with just a small investment. Some pest control companies now offer genuine fox deterrents as a service, so there is really no need to shoot them.

More Help and Advice

If you are struggling with a fox in your garden, feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you. If you have another form of humane deterrent that didn’t make it on the list, let us know and we’ll take a look!