Hunt Sabs

Guest speakers at the london anti hunt march

Hunt saboteurs are the masked heroes of the fox. Often they are the only things standing in the way of the fox and the hounds. Many sab groups are also heavily involved in disrupting the badger cull.

The Hunt Saboteurs association was set up in 1963 with the aim of taking direct non-violent action against those partaking in bloodsports, whilst all saboteurs unify under the same name; there is no set of rules or regulations every group has to follow.

Sabs are often subject to abuse both verbally and physically and will sometimes mask up to avoid their personal identities being discovered and exploited by pro hunt members.

The Huffington Post recently ran a segment on Hunt Saboteurs which shows how above and beyond sab groups go to defend the law which is not necessarily being taken seriously  by the police.

Find your closest hunt sab group along with details on how to join them:



Bath Hunt Saboteurs

Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire Hunt Saboteurs

Berkshire Hunt Saboteurs

Bristol Hunt Saboteurs


Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch

Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs

Croydon Hunt Saboteurs


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West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs 

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