Jeremy Corbyn's impeccable animal welfare voting recordWe like to stay politically unbiased on this page, however, in light of the Conservative party’s commitment to a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act, alongside its scrapping of its pledge to an ivory trade ban – we thought we’d take a look at the opposition leaders views and votes on animal welfare issues.

As it happens, Jeremy Corbyn has an impeccable record when it comes to animal welfare – check out his views in this blog.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Political Pledges 

We’ll start with this, before Jeremy was leader he pledged that by 2020 a labour government would have the best animal welfare protections in the world, in his own words:

“If elected leader, I pledge that a Labour government in 2020 will continue to advance our animal welfare protections so that they are the best in the world – and I hope that you will hold me to that pledge.”

Personal Life  

Jeremy Corbyn, like him or not – his record on animal welfare is impeccable, I have scoured the net to find an article in which he has put money, power or political preference before animal welfare but to no avail.

Jeremy has been a vegetarian for almost 40 years, his reason for becoming vegetarian was ‘becoming attached to the pigs’ whilst working on a farm at 20 years of age.

Being a long time friend of current Labour candidate for Stroud David Drew, Jeremy said he ‘couldn’t wait’ to try the vegan pies at Forest Green Rovers the first vegan club in the world of which David is the vice chairman.

Political Agenda 

“In this Parliament I will continue my lifelong opposition to hunting with dogs. I have also voted, spoken and campaigned for a ban on wild animals in circuses and I opposed the badger cull in the last Parliament.”

1983 – Opposition To The Use Of Animals In Tobacco Research 

One of Jeremy’s first set of questions after he was elected were regarding the use of animal in tobacco research. Following this, he also campaigned for a stop to the use of primates in research, in addition to tougher regulations on how they are imported for use in research, and as pets, under the Animal Welfare Act.

1990 – Early Day Motion Signed Against The Use Of Alcohol In Animal Experiments 

In 1990, Jeremy was 79 MPs to sign an EDM calling to prevent prevent the use of animals in alcohol experiments, calling upon  the Secretary of State for the Home Department to cease the granting of further licences for alcohol experiments and to put a time limit on the existing licences for the same purposes.

1991 – Early Day Motion Signed Against Around The World In 80 Days 

In 1991, Jeremy signed an early day motion (EDM) against a re-showing of Micheal Palin’s ‘around the world in 80 days’ the reason for this being that in the documentary a snake was disembowelled and skinned. This may sounds trivial, but he was one of few MPs to sign the EDM.

1993 – Corbyn Rejects Norway Christmas Tree For Whaling 

In 1993, whaling was a big part of Norway’s culture, in opposition to this Corbyn supported an EDM which rejected Norway’s annual gift of a Christmas tree for London until they stopped whaling.

2003 – Jeremy Objects To Using Pigeons As ‘Flying Bombs’

Back in 2003, Jeremy signed an EDM to prevent the use of pigeons as ‘flying bombs’, it’s worth noting that he was 1 of only 3 MP’s that signed this motion headed up by Labour MP Tony Banks.

2004 – Jeremy Votes ‘Yes’ On The Hunting Act 

In 2004, Jeremy (amongst the majority of Labour MPs) voted to ban the act of hunting wild mammals on with dogs including foxes, deer and mink with dogs.

2013 – Jeremy Objects To Using To Using Cats and Dogs In Scientific Experiments 

In 2013 Jeremy signed an EDM along with 61 other MPs on the ending of scientific experiments being carried out on cats and dogs.

2013 – Jeremy Objects On The Testing Of Household Products On Animals 

In 2013, Jeremy signed an EDM along with 73 other MPs on the testing of household products such as shampoos on animals.

2015 – Kerry McCarthy Appointed As Shadow Environmental Secretary 

Another one of Jeremy’s steps towards animal welfare in politics was the appointment of Kerry McCarthy in charge of farming and agriculture policy. This faced some backlash from the Countryside Alliance due to her comments about meat not being sustainable anymore, but was otherwise well met. Although she has since stood down, Kerry is a long term vegan and the only vegan ever appointed to that particular role.

2015 – Jeremy’s Views On Live Animal Exports

In 2015, during Jeremy’s q&a with Thanet voters (the constituency he currently holds) Jeremy was asked for his views on his views on live animal exports, his response:

“What do you think about the live export of animals?”

There is absolutely no need for any live animal exports to take place at all. There’s unbelievable cruelty involved, often in the travelling of the animals to the port before they’re exported, not given sufficient space in which to move around, often suffering injuries because of the crowded nature of the trucks in which they’re carried, and then live exported onto those ships that take them mainly to Europe where of course they are then slaughtered – as fresh field calves normally. 

I’m against the live export of animals and absolutely admire those people who have stood up for so long to expose this awful trade.

2015 – Jeremy Pushes For A Ban On The Import Foie Gras

Following India’s choice to ban any imports of Foie Gras (a cruel feeding method whereby Goose or Duck are force fed to fatten their liver) Jeremy was 1 of 31 MPs to sign the EDM to block the import of any Foie Gras to the UK.

2015 – Jeremy Becomes An Official Supporter Of Keep The Ban   

In 2015, Jeremy accepted the invitation to become a supporter of Keep The Ban, citing that “fox hunting has no place in the 21st century” see the tweet below:

What Are Jeremy’s Views On Fox Hunting?

Jeremy is a long time supporter of the hunting ban and is a member of keep the ban as shown above, in his own words:

“I was a childhood opponent of fox hunting growing up in Shropshire. Back then we had otter hunting, badger baiting and hare coursing. Gradually we got legislation to end all these awful practices. It was my old friend Tony Banks who finally got the badger as a protected species – I was quoted in the press calling it ‘A Good Day for Brock’ when it finally went through.”

And if you are still unsure, Jeremy Corbyn has a cat called El Gato, which means.. the cat.

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