90% oppose a return to fox huntingIn light of Theresa May’s support for fox hunting, followed by the inclusion of a vote on a repeal of the hunting act included in the Conservative manifesto – a recent study by the Independent found that just 1 in 10 people support a return to fox hunting – putting the opposition at 90%, even higher than the usually cited figure of 84%.

Find out more about the study, and why a return to hunting has become even more unpopular since the last notable study was undertaken.

90% Of People Oppose A Return To Bloodsports

Theresa May has shown her support for a return to illegal hunting, and it has since been included in the Conservative manifesto, in light of these recent events, the Independent commissioned a study to find out the public opinion on a return to bloodsports, the findings were important:

The survey, conducted by ORB found that just 11 percent of participants agree with the policy to hold a repeal on the hunting act, and many Conservative voters are frustrated Mrs May’s choice to include such a sensitive issue in her manifesto, especially when ‘more important things’ are still being discussed such as Brexit and the general election.

Ms May’s claim that hunting is a more humane way to control the fox population than other methods such as lamping have been widely disputed and publicly challenged by the League Against Cruel Sports who said that the had prevented the killing, chasing or disruption  of 100,000 wild mammals due to ‘hunting disturbance’ since its enforcement in 2004.

Looking at the party split, the study revealed that voters of all parties were against a return to hunting:

Conservative Voter Views On Fox Hunting 

Whilst many associate the Conservatives with a return to hunting, the voters say differently and many traditional Conservative voters are distancing themselves from the party when it comes to a return to hunting. In addition to this, the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting estimate around 60 Conservative MPs are AGAINST a return to fox hunting.

The most cited independent study by Ipsos MORI in 2016 found that support among Conservative supporters for the ban on fox hunting has risen drastically; Now sitting at 73%, having risen from 64% in 2013, 66% in 2014, and 70% in 2015

In this most recent study, according to ORB, only 16 per cent of people who voted Tory at the 2015 election want the ban to be reversed, while 50 per cent of former Tory voters disagree with that position and the remainder having no opinion.

Labour Voter Views On A Return To Hunting 

Being the party that brought in the ban due to public demand and MPs views, Labour support for the hunting ban has always been high. In this latest research, the study found that just 8% of 2015 Labour voters believed the ban should be lifted, with 77% opposing it and the remainder (15%) having no opinion.

In terms of the Liberal Democrats – just 10% of 2015 voters thought the ban should be overturned – with almost 73% of voters thinking it should stay banned and the remainder (17%) having no opinion on the matter.

How Can I Prevent A Return To Bloodsports

Regardless of your party views, public opinion across all parties is weak – at the lowest point we’ve seen since the Ipsos MORI study in 2015. Here are a few ways you can help ensure that hunting with dogs stays banned:

The Conservatives have included a free vote on a repeal in their manifesto, but there are ways you can help stop a return to bloodsports in the UK:

  • Put pressure on your MP or local candidate to commit to voting against a repeal on the hunting act. You can use write to them or votes for vinny to get in touch with them. If you don’t receive a reply first time – keep sending them emails or call their office – it’s in their best interest to respond to you as a constituent.
  • Get involved on social media, if you’re passionate against keeping hunting banned, share it on social media – encourage your friends and family to do the same if they also feel the same.
  • Support your local hunt saboteurs group, even if it’s just liking their Facebook page, the hunt saboteurs do an incredible job – and need all the help you can give!

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