Mink Hunting

Minks are river dwelling creatures, not dissimilar to otters – hunts began to target minks around 1978 when it became illegal to hunt otters due to their falling population. The 2004 hunting ban does cover minks – but like fox hunting, it still takes place, however, not on the same scale.

Mink hunting is especially cruel as the hunt will chase the minks from one refuge to another to the point of exhaustion, mink hunts are known to last up to hours. Alike fox hunting, mink hunts will bring along terriermen who will then dig up and bolt or kill the mink should it go to ground.

In addition to the prolonged chase of the mink, mink hunting can disrupt other river dwelling creatures such as otters. The League Against Cruel Sports have a very comprehensive page on mink hunting which we recommend reading for more information.

How to prevent mink hunting in the UK

When Does Mink Hunting Take Place?

There are currently 17 registered Mink hunts registered in the UK, and unlike the fox hunting season, they will  hunt between from April to October – this is particularly disturbing as a Mink’s young will begin to leave their dens around August, after the mating season finishes.

What Can I Do To Prevent Illegal Mink Hunting?

  • Report any hunts you believe are hunting mink illegally in your area to the Police wildlife crime line on 101
  • Write to your mp about strengthening the hunting act to prevent illegal hunting
  • Share your views on social media, get your friends involved and create a demand for something to be done about illegal hunting