Here Are The Venues That Hosted Hunts This Boxing Day

Baubles, beers and.. bloodshed? Boxing Day is hunting’s annual PR day, with hundreds of members of the public lining the streets to cheer on the hunts, many unaware of the brutal reality that is legal ‘trail hunting’ in the UK.

So far, there have been 4 confirmed fox deaths, two confirmed deaths of horses (1 due to a heart attack) and 1 confirmed death of a foxhound that was hit by a car. You can read more about the bloodshed this year here.

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Trail Hunting Could Soon Be Banned On National Trust Land

Foxhounds used for hunting in the UKFollowing a motion being endorsed by over fifty national trust members including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, a motion to revoke all hunt licences on National Trust land will be debated at the trust’s annual AGM in October this year.

Find out more about the motion and the negative response that has been voiced by pro hunt bodies such as the Countryside Alliance who claim there is no evidence that hunts are breaking the law on National Trust or private land.

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How the Island Fox Was Saved from The Brink of Extinction

Island Foxes Island foxes are charming creatures which are native only to the islands which are located off the coast of Southern California. Living in six of the eight Channel Islands, the present numbers of these foxes is a testament to the huge success story in the conservation of their species.

Read the ways by which the balance of this population was bought back into control.

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Why Is The Hunting Act So Flawed?

horses and hounds used to hunt foxesSo the election is over, The Conservatives have officially shelved the fox hunting issue until further notice, and those that were rubbing their hands at the thought of hunting with dogs again are now back to trail hunting.
Unfortunately, little will change. The online support that was so strongly against a return to hunting foxes will lose momentum and hunts will continue to hunt illegally, taking advantage of the many loopholes and exemptions that seemingly went unnoticed when the bill was pushed through parliament.

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Fox Hunting In The 2017 Election – Theresa’s Timeline Of Turmoil

is fox hunting pest control?Animal lovers and anti-hunt campaigners rejoiced as the Conservative manifesto pledge to hold a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act (as well as a few other unpopular pledges) was not included in the Queen’s speech yesterday.

Since the election results – which came as a surprise to many, commentators have been quick to point out just how important fox hunting was in this election – with some MPs speculating it could have been a key factor in some marginal seats.

Whilst these results are brilliant, is it all over? Nope. With hunts still continuing to kill illegally, why would it be? Find out more in the post below about the impact fox hunting had on the election and how social media had a huge role to play in that.

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How To Humanely Deter A Fox From Your Garden

fox in my gardenWhilst our following is full of foxy lovers, we understand that not everybody is so keen to have them on their property. They make a fair bit of noise, may dig holes and foul in your garden, as well as cause problems around chickens and smaller pets such as outdoor rabbits and guinea pigs.

However, shooting them is by no means the most effective or humane ways of dealing with a fox. In this post, we’ll cover a few ways you can humanely deter foxes from coming into your garden.

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Theresa May Out Foxed – ‘No Chance’ Of A Return To Hunting

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown shows support for fox huntingWe recently speculated that the plans for a repeal would either be ditched completely, or put to bed for the time being, and now an ex Tory chairman Grant Shapps has stated plans for a return ‘stand absolutely no chance’.

Many feel Theresa shot herself in the foot with her pledge to bring back hunting with dogs; which was identified as one of the causes of her failed campaign by senior Tory MPs amongst other unpopular promises – despite this, the BBC questioned whether or not hunting was an election issue.

Find out more in this blog posts, as well as an introduction to our new environment secretary – Michael Gove.

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What The General Election 2017 Results Mean For Fox Hunting

The results are finally in and it would appear we are heading for a Conservative government with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party – certainly not what Theresa was hoping for when she called the snap election.

Throughout the election we’ve had our ear to the ground from when Theresa May first showed her support for a return to hunting, through till a free vote on a repeal was included in the Conservative manifesto despite increasing public opposition. 

Many commentators have put her support for hunting down as one of the key flaws in her campaign. Find out the results in full and what they mean for the hunting act. Read More

The Hunting Act – More Than Just Foxes

deer mink and hare hunting protected by the hunting actWhilst there is no doubt that it needs work and improvements, the hunting act has been successful in saving over 100,000 animals from hunting since it came into force in 2005, in addition to 430 successful persecutions. All too often, we only associate the hunting act with the protection of foxes – but there are other animals that are saved by the act.

With the upcoming election, and the parties stance on a return to hunting clear, find out more on the other animals that are protected by the hunting act.

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Do You Have To Be Vegan To Care About Animals?

Animal rights protester holds a dogI saw a comment thread recently on a social thread from the London Make Hunting History March – criticising an attendee for eating meat whilst at the rally. I’m not sure what the offending meal was but I can’t imagine it was more than a ham sandwich.

It got me thinking, would the commentator have rather the meat eater not be at the rally at all? Were they taking a moral high ground? Or can meat eaters really not care about animals?

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