Pictures of protesters from the london anti hunt march 2017The sun was shining (for the most part) today for the anti hunt march in London which was triggered by Theresa May’s support revealed support for fox hunting, and the Conservative manifesto including a free vote on a repeal of the hunting act.

An estimated 2,000+ people took part, with hundreds more walking watching from the side, among the many great pics we got – check out some of the best signs we spotted throughout the day.

The meet for the march was midday, we arrived at 11:30 am where crowds were already beginning to build up in the meet point Cavendish Square. The march was slightly delayed and we left at around 1:45. Speakers at the event included actor and long time animal rights activist Peter Egan, wildlife campaigner Dominic Dyer and TV presenter Anneka Svenska.

Guest speakers at the london anti hunt march

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End Hunting Today

The reason so many people turned up to march through the streets of London is because of their passion for animal welfare. We need to make it clear to Mrs May that despite what she may think, hunting is cruel, brutal and has no place in modern day society! To help ensure the hunting act stays enforced, please:

  • Put pressure on your constituency candidates to commit to voting against a repeal on the hunting act. You can use write to them or votes for vinny to get ask the their views. don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a reply – keep sending them emails or call their office – it’s in their best interest to respond to you if it’s going to cost them a vote otherwise.
  • Get involved on social media, if you’re passionate about animal welfare, share your views on social media – encourage your family and friends to also.
  • Support your local hunt saboteurs group, they are the people out in the field saving wildlife! even if it’s just liking their Facebook page, the hunt sabs do an incredible job and are always in need of support!

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