Scottish Hunting Laws

What Is The Current Legislation On Fox Hunting In Scotland?

The Scottish ban, called the Protection Of Wild Mammals Act actually came first – but is weaker and even more unenforceable than the 2004 Hunting Ban that is in place in England and Wales.

This is despite the SNP being the party that held back a free vote being held on repealing or relaxing the current English and Welsh hunting laws in 2015 by David Cameron, they did this by confirming that the party would vote AGAINST the move, as opposed to abstaining as they had initially suggested.

Under the Scottish rules, whilst hunting foxes on horseback is banned, the hunt can ‘flush to guns’ which essentially means that hounds can be used to ‘flush’ foxes from cover such as woods out into the open, to be shot by a trained marksman when it is safe to do so – the difference here between the Scottish and English law is that Scottish hunts can use an unlimited number of hound to do so, as opposed to 2.

This is taken advantage of regularly, with hunts in Scotland being regularly observed hunting foxes with no guns or marksmen, meaning they are hunting illegally. The Scottish people are strongly against fox hunting, with 84% of people believing that fox hunting should not be made legal again – this gives great hope for a future strengthening of the ban.

What Can I Do To Prevent Illegal Fox Hunting?

The Scottish public does not want to see a return to fox hunting, and many are in favour of a strengthening of the Scottish laws to see restrictions equal or better yet surpass those currently in England and Wales. To prevent illegal fox hunting in your area: