houses of parliment ukTheresa May has come out in full support of repealing the hunting act.

This comes just days after a leaked email from the chairman of the Council of Hunting Associations Lord Mancroft, a Tory Peer was revealed, urging hunt master to ‘mobilise supporters’ in their areas in favour of the Tories. He estimated a Tory majority of 50 or more would be enough to secure a parliamentary vote on the repeal of the hunting act.

Find out more about what this means and how you can pressure Theresa May to reverse her decision

What Did The PM Say?

“As it happens, personally, I’ve always been in favour of fox hunting and we maintain our commitment – we had a commitment previously – as a Conservative Party to allow a free vote and that would allow Parliament to take a decision on this,” 

This was said during a visit to a bi-fold door factory in Leeds, the PM came out in favour of holding a parliamentary vote to repeal the hunting ban – despite the public majority being against it. It’s worth remembering that David Cameron also attempted put this issue through parliament but never went through with due to lack of support and his early resignation.

Will Fox Hunting Come Back Under A Tory Government?

Due to public and MP opposition, a return of the hunting act is extremely unlikely under any party, in addition to this – even with a Tory majority of 50 as Lord Mancroft speculated, it’s near impossible that every single conservative elected would be pro hunt.

Sir Roger Gale, a patron of conservatives against fox hunting and current candidate for re-election in North Thanet said he and others would oppose any attempt to repeal the Hunting Act should a free vote take place under the next government. He added he understood there were around 30 to 50 anti-hunt Tories in the last parliament, with the potential for the newly elected MP’s in 2017 to have similar views.

He told the Press Association: “I cannot see many Conservative votes for fox hunting in marginal seats we are hoping to win.”

Sir Roger said he believed a “huge amount of parliamentary time and effort” has been spent on the issue, with the existing law “probably as good as we can get” given the difficulty in satisfying everyone.

“We have more than enough to occupy parliamentary time with Brexit and all that follows. In my view, it’d be folly to waste further time on the issue.”

What Can I Do To Stop It?

Your power is in the ballot box, if you do not wish to see a return to fox hunting – argue with your vote.

  • Whatever party you plan to vote for, ask your candidate about their views on fox hunting.
  • If your local MP is committed to a return of fox hunting, write to them
  • Support your local hunt saboteurs group.
  • If your passionate about these issues, share them with friends and on social media – Countryside Alliance exec insists that “The case for hunting, and the case against the Hunting Act, remains strong” – prove him wrong.

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