Twitter Reacts To Michael Gove Appointed As Environment Secretary

There has been outrage (and confusion) to former education secretary Michael Gove being appointed as environmental secretary – replacing Andrea Leadsom, who has taken on the position of leader of the house of commons.

Unfortunately for Gove, Twitter was on fine form as ever. Check out the best tweets from the day.

Posted by the Lib Dem candidate for North East Leeds 

After Springwatch revealed that 44 million birds had disappeared since 1970

Well at least someone can

On his attempted removal of climate change from the geography curriculum – this is subject for debate, the BBC have done a write up of the allegations.

The Naughty Wheat Fields Made A Return



Thinking about it, Ricky Gervais would probably be better suited to Michael’s new role

This scathing research

Boris even got involved (this didn’t go down too well)

Following a recent mainstream media report on bovine TB being spread by hunt hounds

Green party leader Caroline Lucas also had some stern words on his appointment 

From the man himself

So Twitter truly was on form, if you saw a better one – send it over to our Facebook page and we’ll add it to this list.

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