hunting foxes with dogs on horseback at duskFox hunting has become a big issue overnight in the run up to the next general election on June 8th – with Theresa May coming out with support for a repeal on the ban, and Jeremy Corbyn firmly against one. Earlier this week, we did a roundup of Conservative MP’s in Gloucestershire and what they are likely to vote.

In this post, we’ll run through Labour MP’s and Candidates in the Gloucestershire area, and their views on a return to fox hunting.

Shaun Stammers – Forest Of Dean 

Mark Harper his Conservative opponent has shown support for a repeal of the hunting ban. Shaun Stammer recently contacted us citing:

“As the Labour Party candidate in the Forest of Dean I would campaign to keep the fox hunting ban.”

Additionally, the Labour Parties Forest Of Dean Constituency Facebook page recently shared one of our posts.

Gloucester – Barry Kirby

His Conservative rival and current MP for Gloucester Richard Graham was pragmatic when asked for his views on a repeal on the hunting act – but it is likely he would vote against a repeal in a free vote.

Barry Kirby took a similar approach to Richard, making it clear it should not be on the agenda with current affairs – but also added his own strong personal views, citing:

“I simply do not understand why Fox Hunting should be on the agenda when we have rising Homelessness, a failing NHS and a broken education system to fix. But to be clear, I think Fox Hunting is a barbaric past-time that can not be justified, at all!”

Stroud – David Drew 

Current MP for Stroud Neil Carmichael was vague in his response to hunting, but did make it clear that it wasn’t an ‘election issue’.

David Drew – the current candidate for Labour was the Stroud MP from 1997-2010. David voted for the hunting act in 2004 and has since gone on to become a campaigner for animal rights, citing:

“I’m against any form of animal cruelty, hunting to me is one of the cruelest forms of animal mistreatment”

Tewkesbury – Majinder King 

Majinder’s conservative rival Laurence Robertson was again pragmatic in his approach citing that he voted AGAINST the ban but thinks with other major issues the matter is best left. There is no source of Majinder’s views on hunting, however his constituencies Facebook page posted a link to a Labour link to protest against a repeal – indicating he may vote AGAINST a repeal.

Since this post, Majinder posted a Facebook status including the caption:

I am strongly against fox hunting and if elected as MP for Tewkesbury I would vote to keep the ban in place”

Cheltenham – Keith White 

Current Conservative MP for Cheltenham claimed he saw the logic of bringing the English laws in line with the Scottish laws – it’s worth noting that the Scottish laws are fundamentally flawed.

His Labour opponent Keith White, there is currently no record of his views online towards a repeal of the hunting act.

The Cotswolds – Mark Huband

The Cotswolds is a Tory stronghold with a rich history of hunting, the current candidate Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has been in the position as MP for 25 years – his views are pro hunt.

Again, as with many candidates who have not been MP’s before there are no recorded views or statements of his opinions on fox hunting. However, I have reached out to him personally and will update if he replies.

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